Press Coverage

Museum Manners
By Pat Dunnigan of Chicago Tribune
Tabled Manners
By Pam Adams of Journal Star
Mom was right: It's rude not to RSVP; Casual attitude is driving hosts crazy
By Maria Puente of the USA Today
A Minder to Mind Your Manners
By Mireya Navarro of NY Times
Children Receive Etiquette Lessons (County Club Classes)
By Monique Balas of The Post
Sounding off on cinema etiquette. Quiet, stillness golden rules in the theater
By Kevin Williams of Chicago Tribune
Emma Gad pa Amerikanski
By Bente Bundgaard
of Femina
Girls learn to turn on the charm
By DeWayne Bartels of the Times Newspapers
Bathe regularly and take small bites
By Dave Simpson of
Pekin Times
Etiquette Teacher 'Survives' Best-Seller
Pekin Times
Charm School Poised For Another Decade
By Joel Steinfeldt
Schools could provide program on etiquette
By Dr. Wilson M. Baltz
Etiquette Teacher 'Survives' Best-Seller
By Linda Hughes of the
Pekin Times
Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Holiday Edition Ho, Ho, No!
By Linda Hughes of the
Pekin Times
Church Program Teaches Girls To Mind Their P's And Q's
By Matt Miller of the Indiana News
Little Misses Learn Some Manners
By Elise Zwicky of the Journal Star
For Those Who Can't Attend Class, There's a Book
By Elise Zwicky of the Journal Star
Parents Want Boys to be 'Charming'
By Nancy Ridgeway of the Journal Star

Read About Our Wonderful Licensees

Lynda Tyler; Stockbroker teaches others social graces
by Scott Paske of the Wichita Eagle

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