Children Receive Etiquette Lessons
By Monique Balas of The Post - Crescent staff writer.

MENASHA — If Emily Post had been present at the North Shore Golf Club Saturday morning, she would have been very happy indeed.

The club hosted Robin Thompson, an Illinois-based etiquette expert, to teach a series of classes on proper manners for children on Friday and Saturday. The class of 19 5-to-7-year-olds seemed model students as they learned about salad forks, sitting up straight and the importance of good posture.

Thompson was asked to conduct the classes because “we have some very lovely Christmas dinners here at the club, and sometimes mischievous behavior can occur,” said Kate Bomier, a board member and event coordinator.

Thompson, owner of Etiquette Network and the Robin Thompson Charm School, teaches etiquette classes around the country and focuses on a self-esteem component. She wrote a self-published guide called “Be the Best You Can Be.”

“I reinforce the concepts their parents teach them,” she said. “So many people think manners are only for the wealthy. In fact, it’s just the opposite.”

Adam Burkett, 6, of Neenah did seem to be learning some important things, such as the grown-up way to tie a tie. He typically fastens a clip-on to his button-down shirts.

But he particularly liked the eating lesson.

“We learned how to use a napkin and tap it on your mouth,” said Adam.

“I’m learning some stuff, like how to hold a fork,” said Samir Abouzelam, 7, who undoubtedly enjoyed practicing on a breakfast Danish.

Additional classes were held for ages 8 - 11 and 12 - 17. Classes culminated with a formal dinner for students and parents.

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