The End of  August,
by my mother,
Joyce Thompson


"Be The Best You Can Be!"

Robin is on a medical sabbatical and not offering classes.  But her book is available "Be the Best You Can Be"

That's the motto of Etiquette-Network of Illinois. Since 1983, owner Robin Thompson has been dedicated to the promotion of etiquette, good manners and image enhancement, social skills and confidence.


Robin Thompson and a select group of licensees offer:

Charm school classes   Corporate etiquette seminars
Self-improvement programs   Etiquette lectures

Our programs increase the confidence, self-esteem and success that come with the knowledge and practice of good manners. Please refer to Class Locations page for course sites.

Corporate & Business Etiquette Seminars
Projecting a professional image is essential in the business world. Every day new opportunities arise to present a positive impression. At a job interview or in the workplace, your actions and mannerisms speak for you. A well-groomed appearance and poised behavior demonstrate confidence.

Robin Thompson's etiquette book, Be the Best You Can Be, is a
helpful and entertaining guide for any child, teen or family.

Topics include:

Poise Posture Walking & Sitting First Impressions
Confidence Social Skills Manners in Public Manners at Home
Shyness Friendships Voice & Grammar Conversation
Table Manners Place Settings Restaurants Dining Etiquette
Phone Etiquette School Life Image Grooming

Being your best gives you confidence, charm and strength to succeed in life with all of its challenges and rewards. If you want to be respected and well-liked, you must be considerate and kind to everyone. You'll gain admiration from people who may have never had anyone show them a moment's worth of courtesy. Never underestimate the difference you can make in a person's life.

Let Etiquette-Network show you the advantage of being your best!

Robin Thompson's Biography

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