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Be The Best You Can Be, a Path to Etiquette and Self-improvement

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Includes your own autographed copy of Robin's book,
Be The Best You Can Be, $15.95 retail value. Private and group classes available for girls and boys, ages 8 - 18.

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Class Locations to find an instructor near you or have Robin present a seminar in your area.

Course Topics:

Perfectly Poised   Poise, posture, walking, sitting
Personality Plus   Self-confidence, positive attitude, first
impressions, voice & grammar
Social Success   Conversations, friendships, phone etiquette,
manners at home and in public
Eating Made Easy   Dining, place settings and restaurant etiquette
You've Got the Look   Appearance, grooming, tea-room modeling

Dating and interview tips are presented in our teen classes.

Group discussions, role-playing, real life experiences, and handouts make these classes informative, productive and have lasting significance.

Parents realize the value of this course.
Comments from their letters of thanks include:
  It's a wise investment.
  The classes reinforced many rules of etiquette that we have tried to teach.
  I would recommend this experience to any young girl; it gave our daughter the extra confidence she was lacking. Robin makes the girls feel good about themselves.
  Our son looked forward to each class and would proudly show us what he had learned. The time and money spent was well worth the personal awareness gained through class.

Young people deserve to be the best they can be. Let's give them the gift that lasts a lifetime.

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Charm School Students & Mothers

Youth and Teen Seminars

Presented throughout the country, these highly successful programs help young people learn etiquette and social skills.

Robin lectures at public and private schools, non-profit groups, youth associations, religious groups and community organizations. Host a program as your next group fundraiser.

Why etiquette? Many young people have little experience with etiquette. Good manners are not always taught or followed in the home environment. And children learn by examples and actions as well as from

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being told what to do. Often times, children feel uncomfortable with new situations and people.

Good manners are equated with competence. Even years from now, students need to be prepared to enter the workforce. The business environment is competitive. Ask yourself this question, "At what income or occupational level are good manners unnecessary?"

Through examples and discussions, students learn to:

really like themselves   present a positive image
be at ease in new situations   follow a personal grooming routine
make a positive first impression   make introductions
perfect good posture and walking   treat others with respect
cultivate a pleasant voice   hold a conversation with anyone
follow telephone & cellphone etiquette   be a social success
use good table and dining manners   act out of consideration for others
be happy with their appearance    

Design a seminar to suit your needs and interests.

Each seminar is supplemented with quizzes, handouts and group interaction.

Robin's book,
Be The Best You Can Be, is used used as a guide and reference.

Additionally, a luncheon may be held during or after the session to reinforce the social and dining skills learned in class.

Email Robin at to discuss your seminar options.

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