Business Etiquette Seminars

An investment in being your best pays enormous dividends.
You'll increase confidence, boost self-esteem and enhance the
quality of your professional and social life.

Topics address the basic concepts of etiquette, good manners, image and communication; yet, each program may be specifically tailored to the needs of the individual or group.

New opportunities arise daily to present a positive impression. Your actions and mannerisms speak for you. A well-groomed appearance and poised behavior demonstrate confidence. How can you successfully navigate through everyday life? Good manners!

Finding and keeping the perfect job isn't easy. More jobs are lost due to poor attitudes and the inability to communicate and get along with others than from a lack of employment skills. How can you stand out in the corporate crowd? Good manners!

Our seminars help you:

Project a positive image Develop poise and confidence
Interact with others Recognize personal strengths
Target areas for improvement Achieve goals
Maintain a professional demeanor at work Possess proper vocal skills
Dine with ease Dress for success
Be well-groomed  


Good Manners
8 Common Misconceptions

Business Etiquette
Interview Tips
33 Ways to Stand Out in the
Corporate Crowd
16 Bad Work Habits to Avoid
Business Travel
20 Top Business Skills
Ladies or Gentlemen First?

4 Paths to a Positive Image
Learning to Love Yourself
Strengths and Areas for
Goals & Affirmations

Dress for Success

Wardrobe & Closet Inventory
19 Ways to Shop
Business Casual
  First Impressions
What's Really Important?
Body Language
Poise: How to be Controlled,
Calm and Cool
Posture, Walking, Sitting

Image Makers & Breakers
Clothing, Accessories, Grooming

Dining & Foods
Luncheon Interviews
Business Lunches
Restaurant Dining & Foreign
Menu Terms
Table Manners & Place Settings

Business Communication
Projecting a Professional Voice
Social Skills
Telephones, Cell phones and

Full and half day seminars are available for individuals and groups.
Single topic programs, such as dining etiquette, are offered.
Each seminar is supplemented with PowerPoint, handouts and informal
group interaction.
Host a program as your next fundraiser.

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