The End Of August
by Joyce Thompson

Offers something to everyone. Appeals to women, history lovers, city and country dwellers.
A strong seller in the religious segment. Offers insight into a farm woman's faith.
Farm and family life at the turn of the century

The story of farm life at the turn of the 20th century told through family's memories and actual events. The now 96-year-old Anna reminisces on her life as a young farm wife and mother of five, telling of theirs and their neighbors' joys and sorrows as they live through both good and hard times.

Author's Comments
The End of August deals with my Grandmother, Anna Weyhrich, born in Sand Prairie Township in 1880. I call The End of August an historical novel. All the events really happened. Many of them took place before I was born, so I had to embellish the conversations. I didn't know Anna's thoughts of course, I had to make them up throughout the book, but that was easy, for most of the thoughts are my own. I guess I bared my soul in this book. I feel that if I could have looked inside her head and heart, this is how she would have felt.

Extended Summary
Ninety six year old Anna muses back into her past, intertwining both poignant and joyous memories with the reality of her present surroundings. She reminisces about her life in Green Valley, a quiet, close knit farming community. It was here that Anna was born, grew up, married and reared her family.

From horse and buggy to men on the moon, Anna shares her memories of raging blizzards, colorful gypsies, quarantines and dread diseases, threshing day, an angry lynch mob, Buffalo Bill, Charles Lindbergh and the simple pleasures of farm life.

Anna relates the story of her Poppa coming to America, the pain of leaving family behind yet eager to face a new frontier

A spirited child, unlike her more docile siblings, Anna was the apple of her Poppa's eye, and most of her unruly antics were overlooked. But her Momma was stern. So with age and the harshness of the times, Anna began burying her emotions deep inside never wanting anyone to know that she often felt joy and tenderness.

Remembering happier times and simple pleasures, Anna compares her life then to the present with mixed emotions. She often ponders, "Would she like to go back?"

Joyce Thompson Bio
Joyce Thompson resides in Pekin, Illinois where she and her husband, Robert are active members of Trinity Lutheran Church. She is the mother of two and grandmother of one. In her free time Joyce enjoys antiquing, tracing genealogy, metal detecting, swimming and spending time with her family. She assists daughter, Robin, in presenting seminars and classes for Etiquette-Network. The End of August, her first novel, is now in its third printing.

Retail Order Information
Title: The End of August Publisher: Robin Thompson Charm School
Author: Thompson, Joyce 17298 Lake Knolls Road
Pekin, IL 61554
Pages: 172
ISBN: 0-9675318-1-0


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